Zain Participate In EFG Sailing Arabia

Zain Group will take part in the 7th edition of the event EFG Sailing Arabia. This is the third consecutive year of the event. The event has been organized by the Oman Sail.

In the year 2015, The Zain team secured the third position and in 2016, the team won one of the legs and secured the fifth position. The Zain team has got all the support of Zain vice-chairman Bader Al Kharafi. Since last two years, he has been a prominent part of the sailing crew.

The 763 nautical-mile race for 2017 will start on February 14. The fleet of Farr 30s identical boats will start its campaign in Muscat. Here the team will get the chance to score point. After that they will move to north, it will be for the first leg to Sohar. They are currently doing some testing in conjunction with a Trogir Yacht Charter company.

The second leg will take them to Khasab; this has been included in the Tour last year and also for the first time.

Speaking about the participation for the third time in this annual event CEO of Zain Group, Scott Gegenheimer said, “We are delighted to announce our participation in the race for the third year. Our participation in the tournament for the third year, show how positive we are about the sailing and how good our experience was in the last two races. As far race of 2017 is concerned, then we are prepared for it and ready to perform well. SATT is good for building a sailing team as well as promotion of brand.”

Gegenheimer further added that, “In our region, the sailing is cultural legacy, I wish this year too, and our team perform and get the opportunity to stand on the podium. I am there with the team all the time and my wishes as well, keeping their confidence high.”