Hall Of Fame In Australia

Sailing regulatory body in Australia i.e. Australian Sailing has announced that it will establish a hall of fame that will be dedicated to sailing sport and will be called as sailing hall of fame.

The purpose of making this hall is to acknowledge outstanding performance given by individuals in the sailing sport at different levels. Recognition will be given not only to present and future sailing starts, but also to those who are no more associated with a game and no more live to see the thing but, has made remarkable contribution.

The hall of fame will include all forms of sailing. And it will be common for both individuals who were physically well to play it and those who are disabled. The hall of fame will celebrate the sailing sport and it will be a monument of sailing.

To start this hall of fame the date on which organized sailing in Australia was started is considered the most suitable start date.

According to data available first sailing race in Australia held 26 January 1837. It is expected that hall of fame will be launched on the same date.

President of Australian Sailing Matt Allen announced the opening of Hall of Fame at the award ceremony of Australian Sailing. Allen is excited with this establishment and on the occasion said that hall of fame was in the mind of people associated with sailing since long time. Many times we discussed about thing and creating one, but now it goes into its final shape.

The platform will provide a wonderful chance to recognize the contribution of many amazing players in a fixed and permanent display to. This is one of the great ways to celebrate sailing.”

On the occasion Matt Allen announced partnership with National maritime museum Australia. It will be the Hall of Fame’s ‘home’.